• WALL TOUCHLion Wall Touch is white cement & mineral based putty for use on cement concrete – mortar interior/exterior walls for smoother & stronger adhesion and best suited to minimize paint cost and extend its durability.
  •                 It is white cement based fine powder which provides an ideal finishing for concrete/cement plastered walls and ceiling. It provides an ideal base for painting.
  •                 Also it is a high grade quality based on latex emulsion, and high solids content to provide excellent smoothing and filling properties to small halls crakes.
  •                 Ideal for filling joints and pore surfaces which can be applied by putty knife or steel trowel to provide excessive thickness are not applied in application.
  •                 Caulking compounds, putties and same cements have a boiled drying oil, usually combine with resins that act as the binder putty is the thick mixture of finely powdered calcium carbonate (whiting) and acid refined linseed oil which imparts good wetting and grinding characteristics.
  •                 Lion Wall Touch is used to smoothen the surface, to fill the fine pores on the wall surface, to provide a firm base for subsequent paint.
  •                 Lion Wall Touch gives an elegant look / Aesthetic appeal, more coverage for subsequent costly paints and they protect the wall.
  •                 There are variegated types of putties for wood too. For glazing wood & filling holes and cracks on the surface, of timber or metal, a stiff paste of linseed oil and whiting is used.
  •                 This composition is the traditional putty. It is sometimes modified by the addition of small amounts of white lead in oil. So called commercial putty contains more or less mineral or other oil instead of linseed oil.

Use and Application:

  •                 Lion Wall Touchis an outstanding product which is used for interior and exterior plaster, concrete, gypsum plaster gypsum and board; when dry, can be sanded to a smooth finish ready to accept to recoat.
  •                 Ensure that the surface to be painted is free from of any loose paint, dust, oil or grease. Any previous growth of fungus, algae or moss needs to be removed thoroughly by vigorous wire brushing and cleaning with water.
  •                 Ensure that the surface is totally clean.
  •                 Ensure that surface plastered or made to cementations’ material and the surface should be moderately rough and in just wet condition.

Market Scenario:

  •                 The demand for Lion Wall Touchis always on the higher side due to its heavy consumption. As the construction work and industrialization is our country is being done in rapid strides, this eventually leads to higher consumption of putty.
  •                 In future, the constructions and industrial buildings, etc. are likely to increase tremendously as a result the demand will increase simultaneously.
  •                 One of the world’s largest and fastest growing cement industries, the Indian cement industry has been expanding significantly on the back of rising infrastructure activities, increasing demand from housing sector, and construction recovery.
  •                 According to our latest research report, the recent developments in the industry along with the strong support of government are attracting the global cement giants.
  •                 We have estimated that the total cement installed capacity of India is to increase with a CAGR of around 7% during 2012 to 13 to 2014 to 15.

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