Lion Ready Mix Plastering” is a strong, durable pre-mixed powder suitable for plastering over all types of old or new conventional clay bricks, fly ash bricks / blocks and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks (AAC). It is normally applied to masonry interiors and exteriors to achieve a smooth surface.



Special Properties of “Lion Ready Mix Plaster”

  •                 Preparation is simple, just add water.
  •                 Lighter than traditional cement silica sand site mix mortar.
  •                 Minimizes cracking and shrinkage free product.
  •                 Prevents seepage of water.
  •                 Fungus resistant.
  •                 Non-toxic and non flammable.
  •                 Ease of application.
  •                 Saves both manpower and time.
  •                 Being ready to use, it covers more work per day.


Areas of Use :

  •                 Undercoating and plastering over existing concrete and brick / block walls.
  •                 Used as a leveling plaster for correction of surface undulation in bare concrete block and other cementitious substrates.
  •                 Basic leveling of concrete, light weight blocks and bricks.
  •                 Filling holes and irregularities, levelling walls and ceilings.
  •                 Create a leveled surface from uneven masonry or concrete wall.

Surface Preparation :

  •                 Dirt, soil and roof runoff stains from the surface should be removed.
  •                 Use a garden hose to loosen the dirt. Start at the top and wash the dirt down his wall.
  •                 Choose water soluble cleaners that will not attack Portland cement, lime or natural stones.
  •                 Flush remaining dirt off the wall with a follow-up rinser.
  •                 Proper hacking is to be done prior to application in concrete surface.

Preparation of “Lion Ready Mix Plaster “

  •                 Take a small amount of water in a bucket and gradually add “Lion Ready Mix Plaster”  in it. Mix the product with approximately 16% – 20% of water.
  •                 Mixing can be done manually or by stirrer.
  •                 Mixing to be done till homogenous mix is obtained.
  •                 After proper mixing, leave the paste for 5-10 min. for polymeric dispersion before application.

Do’s about “Lion Ready Mix Plaster”

  •                 Apply the mix to the surface using a steel trowel in a smooth even motion working from the base of the surface upwards to reduce wastage.
  •                 Apply the mix with a trowel, followed by a second leveling if required.
  •                 Once the surface is uniform, level with a wooden / fiber / steel / plastic float to produce a smooth even surface.
  •                 Water curing for 3-4 days should be carried out prior to any subsequent application depending on the moisture level of the surface.

Don’ts about “Lion Ready Mix Plaster”

  •                 Do not apply straight on to gypsum panels.
  •                 Do not use in damp areas.
  •                 Do not add water to make it workable, prepare a fresh mixture.
  •                 Avoid very high speed mixing when electric mixing equipments are used.

Don’ts about “Lion Ready Mix Plaster”

  •                 0.16-0.23 Kg per sq.ft. per mm.

(Please note that coverage will depend on the thickness of the application and the type of surface being rendered.)

Packaging :

“Lion Ready Mix Plaster” is available 40 kg Bags.

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