Special Properties of “Lion Jointing Mortar”


  • Our quick setting proprietary mortar essentially “Lion” the blocks together, and the next course is ready to lay within a very short time.
  • Higher bonding strength increases durability and eliminates future maintenance.
  • Non-Metallic, doesn’t rust out, will not discolor walls.
  • Ready mixed mineral based products designed for new construction as well as for renovation purpose.
  • Being premixed, it saves considerable time, labor and increases dimensional stability of the blocks.
  • It doesn’t cause damage to the ecosystem.
  • Being premixed and less porous, it inhibits efflorescence.

Areas of use : Laying bricks and blocks :

  • Our quick setting proprietary mortar essentially.
  • To join fly ash bricks, cement block, hollow blocks, aerated block etc.
  • Jointing of pre-stressed concrete slabs, panels.
  • Joining of cement window and door frames barbecues and fireplaces.
  • Garden and boundary walls.
  • Screed and compost bins, sand pits.
  • Bench stands, bicycle stands.
  • Terracing.
  • Ornamental Pools.
  • Repairing of masonry walls.

Surface Preparation :

  • When laying new bricks of block walls first construct a sound footing below the first line.
  • All substrates should be cleaned and free from dust, oil, grease, curing agents, paints, which may affect adhesion.
  • Wet the substrates before the application, without leaving excess water.
  • When repairing mortar joints, remove all loose foreign materials.
  • Application of “Lion Jointing Mortar”
  • The wall you are going to work on and mark openings like doors, windows, and any architectural. appurtenances, you are included in your design.
  • Put a thin layer of Jointing Mortar in the thickness of 3-5 mm on the clean and leveled surface using a proper trowel on which the block work is to be carried out. Place the block on the laid jointing mortar in proper line and level.
  • After placing the first block apply the jointing mortar of the same thickness, i.e. 3-5 mm for both horizontal and vertical joint of the block.
  • Space “mortar boards” about every six feet along the wall, or on each side if the project is small.
  • Brush the face of the brick with a foxtail brush to wipe away excess mortar and finish smoothing to join.
  • Continue laying the brick with 3-5 mm thickness of jointing mortar until you are levelled with the leads you lay up.

Brushing Off

After approximately 10-15 minutes, the mortar should have achieved a semi-dry consistent. Don’t brush this residual mortar into any unfilled joints.

Useful Tips

  • It should be kept in dry and cool place.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Avoid inhalation of dust.
  • Use proper tools while cutting bricks.
  • Tools should be thoroughly cleaned with water to remove excess materials immediately after use.


“Lion Jointing Mortar” is available in 40 kg

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