India’s First Water Proof Cement


The unique properties of LION CEMNT are as follows :

  • Strong corrosion resistant property protects steel bars used in reinforced cement concrete construction from rust attack, thereby directly prolonging the life and durability or the structure.
  • Better rheological property of concrete.LION ULTRA
  • Perfectly optimized fineness of the product achieved through right level of grinding leads to improved hydration behavior during application, lower rate of release of heat of hydration, lower drying and lower autogenous shrinkage and dense micro structure of concrete with discontinuous capillary pores and interfacial transition zone. In short the cement that leads to most desired mortar as well all purpose concrete.
  • SGPL LION CEMNT lends impregnable physical and chemical resistance within concrete against the action of deleterious agents (Water, Sulphate ion, Chloride ion, CO2, SO3 etc.)

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